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Vision & Mission Who is Brutally Honest

Team Brutally Honest is an attempt to question the always-lying-system that has evolved over time. Our mission is to roar the truth so loud that it reaches every deaf ear, to fill a niche in the mainstream media that has trying to cover-up the truth with their dodgy sphere of half-baked stories and to answer those crackpots who make armchair opinions. We don’t believe in rhetoric, We believe in facts. We don’t believe in what we feel, We believe in what we see!! Ok, There would be many who can do this, but they might have a hidden agenda, we have not any. We don’t work for any reward or fame, those who are drenched in the materialistic spheres of life can never imagine the happiness clutched in the service for a greater good. We curate news and current affairs from various sources. However, unlike other websites using curated content, our team apply some thought process before publishing them to fetch out the truth from the mist of rhetoric. Our perspective on reporting the news is guided by an editorial approach that seeks facts and doesn’t bow to pressure.

Sumitt Sethi
An Old Man in his 20s
Half-Doctor | Satirist | Engineer
Photographer |Visual Editor
CopyEditor | None of these