I bet you didn’t know this about Kinematics

There is no object in the universe which is at absolute rest. For example, a text book on a table might appear to be relatively at rest, with respect to the immediate surroundings. But, the earth is revolving around sun, therefore every particle on earth will be in motion including the text book. There is no object in the universe which is in absolute motion either. A person traveling in a bus will be in motion as the bus is moving. But, yes.. with respect to the fellow passengers the person will be relatively at rest. Mind blown? Well, kinematics is sometimes amusing and boring sometimes. Those who have to study it might feel it ridiculous and wonder where do they need to use these weird concepts and messy equations in real-life. Here are some cool facts that are associated with kinematical sorcery. Read on, to know how kinematics is used in physics and in real-life applications. I bet you didn’t know this about Kinematics, kinematics calculator, kinematics vs kinetics, kinematics of machines defination, kinematics problems class 11, kinematics and dynamics easy tutorial, solve kinematics equations.

Use of kinematics in Physics:

  • The branch of classical mechanics which describes the motion of bodies and systems of bodies without considering the forces that are causing the motion is known as Kinematics.
  • Kinematics is a description of the geometry of the system and the initial conditions of known values of the position, speed and acceleration of various bodies and system of bodies. The study of the influence of forces acting on masses falls within the limit of kinematics.
  • In astrophysics to describe the motion of celestial bodies, Kinematics is used. To describe the motion of systems composed of joined parts such as an engine, a robotic arm or the skeleton of the human body this branch of Physics is used. I bet you didn’t know this about Kinematics.

Use of kinematics in real life applications

  • During a collision in automobiles, air bags minimize the effect of force on bodies. Instead of Hitting windshield passenger & driver hits air bags, thus extending the time required to stop the momentum of the driver & passenger, minimizing the effect of force during collision.
  • The small gaps between tree leaves act as pinhole cameras when sun rays passing through them hits the ground thus creating small inverted images of the sun projected on the ground. This is Physics in action.
  • In Boxing, when a boxer feels that his opponent will hit him in the head, then boxer often relaxes his neck and allows his head to move backwards upon impact. In boxing, it is known as riding the punch. A boxer rides the punch in order to extend the time of impact of the glove with their head. Extending the time results in decreasing the force and thus minimizing the effect of the force in the collision.
  • Nylon ropes are used in rock-climbing for due to some reason. These are used as they have ability to stretch climbing ropes are made of nylon or similar material. With the help of nylon ropes, rock climbers attach themselves to the steep cliffs. If a rock climber should lose her grip on the rock, she will begin to fall. Her momentum will be decreased by means of the rope in this case, thus preventing a painful fall to the ground below.
  • We have often seen that a water balloon is thrown high into the air and caught without breaking. This is due  to the contact between the balloon with outstretched arms that carry the balloon for a meter or more before finally stopping its momentum. During this effect, time is extended over which the collision occurred thus reduce the force.
  • A credit card contains magnets placed in a specific pattern. The credit card machine has coil of wires that changes the magnetic field when the card is swiped. This process is called electromagnetic induction. When the magnetic field changes a voltage is induced that creates a current which is used to provide your account information to the credit card machine.

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