Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – What’s Inside The Box

The Note 8 will come with enormously powerful hardware which will be at par with the best devices.

Earlier this month, Samsung  ‘unintentionally’ leaked the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and now Samsung has really gone a step farther and formally promoted its Large size and brand new layout.

Samsung was working on a fingerprint detector which would sit beneath the glass. That would keep the detector in precisely the exact same place as preceding Note phablets also it might give Samsung something to boast by being the first to deliver this technology into the smartphone marketplace.

Release Date: It is official – The Galaxy Note 8 will probably be making its debut in a Samsung Unpacked event in New York on August 23. The invitation to the event says “Do larger matters” and contains a stylus, so we could be certain it is the Note 8 which is going to be revealed. The huge event will be occurring in the Park Avenue Armory.

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Samsung Tempting To Get Its Sheen Back After Note 7 Fiasco: The Samsung line of smartphones will get a an uplift with two new devices, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8, and these two are being counted upon to reclaim the sheen Samsung lost with last year’s debacle that was the Note 7.

Even today, nearly half a year after the Samsung S7 was launched, many airports still do not allow passengers with these latter devices to board aircraft. The reason is simple: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was prone to explosions and fires.

While the battery manufacturer were to blame for the debacle, many experts and tech enthusiasts suggest that the brand name of Samsung had been dealt an irreparable blow.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review, Specifications and Price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the best devices to ship this year. The Note 8 will come with enormously powerful hardware which will be at par with the best devices. The Galaxy S8 is, like we have said before, a very powerful phone.

Samsung Note 8 might have Airpods like Wireless Headphones: It looks like Samsung is taking aim directly in the iPhone 8 at the lead up to the initiation of the Galaxy Note 8. A fresh report by ET News expounds Samsung will launch their very own Airpod-like earphones along with the Galaxy Note 8. Though the report doesn’t provide any clarification on whether the Airpod-like headphones will be bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or if they’ll be sold separately but after the Note 7 fiasco, it is likely to have these tiny headphones in the box.

Color Variants: The Note 8 will probably be arriving in three or more colors, as stated by the famed tech geek Roland Quandt on Twitter. Of those three, there’ll be two recognizable colors: the Black and Orchid Grey of the S8. However, there’ll be a completely new color too: Deep Blue. This is not the first time that a Note smartphone has attracted a brand new shade to the Samsung lineup. The Note 7 introduced a blue version which afterwards made its way into the S7 border and S8.

Graphics & Processor: The new S8 will come with the next-generation of VR and graphics. We expect the new Galaxy Note 8 to come in two variants: one will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 while another will be powered by the next-gen Exynos 9 processor, in al probability the new Exynos 8895M processor.

These Exynos processors will be made available from the second quarter of this year. The one major advantage of the SD 835 is the fact that it is nearly 25 percent faster than the existing processors while being more energy efficient. The G71 GPU will admirably take care of the graphics processing. We also expect the new Galaxy Note 8 to ship with 6GB of RAM while it might also be 8GB as the SD 835 SoC supports this.

The Note 8 Camera: As per media reports, the new Samsung 8 will be having a 12 MP camera with wide-angle lens, while the telephoto lens will have 13 MP and allow for 3x optical zoom. This setup will allow for a bokeh effect in Samsung phone.

RAM and Internal Storage: As a result, we expect the new Galaxy Note 8 to come equipped with a minimum of 6GB of RAM and 64GB of native storage. Note that the new Note 8 will also come equipped with a micro SD storage option which means that the new device will also have expandable memory.

samsung galaxy note 8 box , samsung galaxy note 8 price specs

The Display: The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive loaded with a 6.3-inch screen with Infinity Display. We may even expect a 4K Super AMOLED display. Naturally, this will be Samsung’s first 4K phone and it is entirely possible that this will be increased soon.

The new Galaxy Note 8 will also boast of superb display properties. The rumors suggest that the upcoming new S8 and the S8 Plus will have marginally increased display sizes of 5.7-inch and a bigger one with 6.2-inch.

This is positively due to the slim bezels which suggest that the new S8 series will also have better used real estate when it comes to the display. The Note 8 too may have increased display size at 6.2-inches.

Other Important Specs: The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also have great features which will separate it from the chaff that floats around in the smartphone market. These will include waterproof features, and the new Note 8 will feature dual cameras as well. The new device will come with a big battery as well; we are expecting something on the other side of 3500mAh. An USB Type-C cable is also expected.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price and Release Date In India: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in India is expected to be Rs. 63990 for 64 GB variant. Galaxy Note 8 is due to be launched in August, 2017.

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