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What is it like to be Brutally Honest all the time



Brutally honest quotes meme, defination of being brutally honest meaning meme, what are the pros and cons of being brutally honest

There are two kinds of opinions. The kind you should keep to yourself, and the kind you shouldn’t give but you give anyway. If you ought to be all the time on latter track, then you might be suffering from the disease of being Brutally Honest. People ask you stupid questions and when you try to answer them in an honest logical way they call you insensitive, arrogant and what not, and you’d be like “Why did you ask for my opinion if you didn’t want to hear the truth Nigga!.” But being a brutally honest person doesn’t only comprises blunt scrutiny for others, but accepting your own flaws too. A brutal honest person can, if we accept it as coolly as possible, actually tell us some things we need to know. Being brutally honest is like highlighting our own shadow, society’s shadow and that dark side of the humanity that we see everyday but deny to accept it exists. Brutally honest quotes meme, defination of being brutally honest meaning meme, what are the pros and cons of being brutally honest.

Pros and Cons of being a Brutally Honest person

Brutally honest feedback opinion, Brutally honest person meme, meaning definition of brutally honest

A brutally honest person is basically not trying to be harsh but if he is hard pressed by somebody, he needs not to sugar-coat his opinion, especially if he has had to say it once or twice already. It has nothing to do with arrogance. He’d rather be undervalued and have people listen to him when he talks softly.

Pros of being a Brutally Honest person:

  • When life gives you lemons, making a logical point in the right sense, without any political, social, psychological inclination will not only make you a just person, but also gives you inner peace.
  • When being asked for an irksome favor or a question, you won’t need to manipulate your conscience.
  • Having thousands of followers doesn’t make any sense if they believe in the impressions  and perceptions you have made and not in you. Being a brutally honest person wins you genuine fans, friends and followers who will stand with you always, no matters what. You are surrounded by the people who genuinely care about you. They maybe less in number but they are real!
  • Shedding all the weight of false emotions and pretensions makes you feel lighter.
  • Honesty is directly proportional to your strength of conviction. If you choose to be on the right path, even though it’s not popular, you will win.
  • Being brutally honest with someone, and having someone else be brutally honest with you, is what emboldens you to improve and grow yourself.

Cons of being a Brutally Honest person:

  • People expect facade. If you are brutally honest, it implies you are really bad at pretending. Sometimes you need to pretend in given circumstances, but a poor pretension can snatch a good job, a good relation or a good friend from you.
  • You can’t fake sentiments, likes and dislikes. If you avoid someone, somehow that person perpetually ends up perceiving it through your expressions or body language.
  • If you are Brutally Honest and cannot sugar-coat your words, you’d just find yourself walking alone more often than not. Nobody can bear to hear the truth at all times.
  • If you’re being brutally honest on a regular basis, and your life isn’t just swaying from one crisis to another, you apparently be called a heartless, cruel and insensitive person who don’t understand social rules and chivalry.
  • Being brutally honest reveals you and your weakness, typically then, people get to identify you better and rather than helping you they pounce on the slightest hint of an opportunity to exploit your vulnerability and manipulate you.

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7 Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes That are Funny Yet Practical




Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, haters quote

Let’s be practical and face the reality. These new jogging pants aren’t going to make you fit and fine unless you break the machines in gym. Here we have some Brutally Honest demotivational quotes from probably the most pessimistic souls among us.

Those that clearly notice and dare to admit that glass is half-empty might be labeled as pessimist or ‘a man who always thinks negative’ but these brutally honest sayings can help you maintain your resolutions practical and your perspective sensible.

7 Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes That are Funny Yet Practical

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes life, life reality quote

Dreams are beautiful. Everyone should dream and aspire. But does it help in running from the problems you face in your everyday life? No. Sleep.. Dream.. Wake Up.. Aspire.. and feel the life when it hits you hard in your face.

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, haters quote

There would be many who misguide and blind you saying you are awesome, you are a genius and all that stuff. And then there are some brutally honest folks who tell you not to mess with the things that are not designed for you.  Dude, they are not trying to discourage you, they are just telling you to do what you can do, for what you’ve been in this world and to do the things you are perfect at.

In race to do something ‘extraordinary’ you might be missing the skills you have mastered. Welcome scrutiny and do what you are best at!

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes , Bruce lee quotes

Earning big money, fame and fans is not truly an achievement. Those who are with you for money aren’t actually worth keeping in your life. Fame that gleams in your shadow will fade like effervescence when you stop learning and earning more. Fans can find someone better than you.

So next time you brag for your achievements, ask yourself what have you done so far in your life that is irreplaceable!

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, Smile quotes

Many times in your life you might feel that you need to share your pains and your darker side with someone to make the load of your emotions lighter.

Harsh, but true.. nobody cares! You will end up mocking yourself.

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, luxury life quotes

There are many who say – Money cannot buy happiness. Really? Have you seen anyone sad on a roller coaster ride? Have you seen someone crying while bungee jumping? Money can buy happiness. Money cannot buy love?

UAE’s vice president Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has two (confirmed) wives, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is currently with his 4th wife and Donald Trump got Melania.

Ok, there would be many things money cannot buy, but there are countless things that cannot be bought without money.

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, Rahul gandhi quotes, Rahul manmohan sonia joke

They say, if you keep trying and do not waver in what you are doing, one day you will achieve you always wanted. Well, this is sheer wastage of time.

If you are doing something that is not worth doing, you are just missing the opportunities to do something better in your life.

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes job

Do you have many complaints with what you are doing. Stop complaining and ask your real you if you could do better than this.
Close your eyes for a moment.
Now back to kitchen!

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Muslim boy evinces the problems of Muslims in India, and it’s not funny




Muslims in India , Funny problems with Islam, muslims opression in indian army, hindu muslim harmony, hindu girl muslim boy love jihad

Why do Muslims have such a high population growth rate? Why do not they favor uniform civil code? What about the rights of Muslim women in India? Why Triple Talaq? Questions are many, that are being fired by ‘Virat’ social media warriors and then these are easily picked by ‘Pseudo’ liberals, not to answer these but to counter-question them. They use the ‘Muslim’ word/world for their own agenda and that revamps the hateful questions from form to another – Why are many Indian Muslims seen as untouchable? Why Government is oppressing Muslims? But amidst all this ruckus of downright nonsensical questions, one thing that is irrefutable about the Muslims in India that they love India and India loves them.

While wandering on Quora, I found a question gleaming on my timeline “What problems are Muslims facing in India?”, considering it another idiotic ‘agenda-driven’ audit, I was about to move on and then I saw this answer by a Muslim boy who revealed his ‘real’ problems in India and it touched my heart.

The ‘Real’ problems of Muslims in India

islamMuch has been said about ‘Secular Fabric’ theories in India, newspapers have inked reams of paper, we have a long list of politicians who are thriving on ‘secularism’ and the intellectual society that is showering hypothetical cynicism in our society; I believe most of them make their ‘invaluable’ opinions sitting in their air-conditioned rooms without going through a grassroots’ survey.

The secularism written on a piece of paper, shouted in TV debates is far aloof from the secularism practiced in reality. Secularism is something new, but ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb‘ is an age-old tradition being followed by Hindus and Muslims with an unwavering  fidelity. Secularist hullabaloo dwells in TV debates and political spheres but ‘the real secularism’ lives in INDIA, in our hearts, in our veins.

There are some who sneer and cough in the times of rising intolerance and agenda-driven hatred, but here are many who know to smile in every milieu.

Yes! Being a Muslim I face many problems in India!

In School: Friends waited for me to snatch my tiff-in box for delicious Biryani and Kababs. I faced problems when all of them visited me at home on EID. I felt bad when I was spared from punishments during Ramzan. It was troublesome to visit each and everyone’s home on Diwali and other festivals.
In college: I again faced problems when my roommate in hostel made arrangements for me to offer Namaz. I got very angry when my college professor gave me enough liberty for attendance just to make sure I am offering my prayers on Fridays.
In office: During Ramzan, I faced problems being a muslim in India because every other individual wanted to offer me Iftar. Surprisingly, they even remembered my Namaz timings. I faced problems when my manager reduced my work load during those days and threw an Iftar party with people of every religion sitting beside me.

Jai Hind!
Mohammad Kashif

Here, Mokarram Iqbal tells how he have been lucky to live in a society that treats everyone equal regardless of their religious beliefs, while putting his experiences forward he opines it is the ‘Education‘ that makes the difference not the religion.

I don’t think I ever faced any problem regarding of my religious links rather I have been blessed and cared for being a follower of Islam in India. May be this is because my upbringing was in very favorable and great society. The major concern as if I can see is the “lack of education in the Muslim masses” that’s why they feel insecure to the majority masses. I lived 18 years of my precious life in a colony where we are only Muslim family and we are hell respected . I have got great friends who are not from my religion. I never got a single call of feeling problematic and insecure inside. In Ramzan when we were at fast, none of our teachers would even make us stand for punishment, this is not because they were afraid that we are Muslims but because they respect us. The major problem is the conventional approach of Indian Muslim society. May be in many parts of India any injustice is done to Islamic population but that doesn’t apply to general masses. Education stature of Indian Muslims must be enhanced and every problem will vanish. “I always feel safe and happy in India because I know I am living in the security of 100 million of Indian who follow Hinduism , Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity.”

Mokarram Iqbal

And while everyone was putting their sentiments forward, here comes a #BrutallyHonest answer from Abdullah Al Faruque who evinces – Yes, Muslims in India are facing many problems that might or might not be associated with other religions. There are all kinds of problems Muslims face in India. Some of these “problems” may be across religions and culture while some may be community specific. But they are there. Muslims do not face any problem in India which is a lie. A big lie! The first step towards solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Denial does not help.

High population growth rate: There are many reasons for this. Lack of family planning, overall economic backwardness, unwillingness to use contraception (due to the perceived “evil” nature of contraceptives and accepting high birth rates as gift from God), lack of awareness and ignorance among Muslim women, marriage at young age (especially females) etc. are among the major reasons. And this has hampered the Muslims more than any other community. The Muslim community must look within and not be intimidated/antagonized by such elements and lose track of the problem. There has been a good decline in the fertility rate of Muslims in India and the trend must continue. The xenophobia among some non-Muslims related to this is absurd though! Analyzing the whole problem will nullify any misplaced notion on this issue which is generally fueled by propaganda.
Gender inequality:  Although this is a problem which is present across religions and cultures in India, Indian Muslims have the worst record for this. The reasons are high percentage of Muslims in agrarian and “physical labour focused” sectors, over-dependence on clergy in personal matters like marriage and divorce, marrying off girls at a young age, discouraging higher education among women (due to the age old “Indian” fear of not being able to find a groom) etc. It is absolutely incumbent for Muslim women to lead from the front in this regard. The victims have to make the loudest noise. And I am glad to say that it has already started in India. It won’t be eradicated completely in even the next 5–10 years but such change is seldom achieved in a haste.
Religious conservatism and intolerance: There…. I said it! I would like Indian Muslims to look at this issue rationally. I’m not going to quote verses here but will try to discuss this issue with nothing but logic. The main claim that fuels Islamic conservatism is that Islam is for eternity and it is perfect. OK! Let’s try and make sense of this. If the religion is for eternity, then it has to re-align itself with changing times to be conducive for progress. Change and progress are realities which only fools will deny. The modern world is radically different from what it was in the 7th century. We now know many things about the world which have never been mentioned explicitly in any of the religious texts.

“There are many other problems that Indian Muslims face but, in my opinion, these are the major ones. Most of the unmentioned problems here (poverty, illiteracy, political exploitation etc.) are common (both in size and scale) across the board which just proves my point of how Indian Muslims have integrated with the Indian culture now. Also, I think I must add that this answer might come across as pessimistic and rude to many but the question was about “problems that Indian Muslims face” and not how I party with my non-Muslim friends which of course I do and enjoy a lot,” further he says concluding his most rational reply in the thread.

When we talk about intolerance, paid-rioters, agenda-driven politics and TRP-thirsy media, we often ignore the fact that not all the fingers are same. Beliefs do not make anyone good or bad, every religion, be it Hinduism or Islam, has it’s own set of fanatic theories and blood-thirsty clerics, call them parasites who thrive on other’s blood and money. A rational approach is the need of hour, rules and verses were written in other times, if they are relevant in present times, follow them, if not – flout them.


Muslims in India , Funny problems with Islam, muslims opression in indian army, hindu muslim harmony, hindu girl muslim boy love jihad

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5 Post-Workout Mistakes that are ruining your Fitness Goals




post Workout mistakes in gym, hot girl in gym, slim flat chest girl doing workout

No matter how much energy and time you put into your workout sessions in gym, you won’t see the outcomes you desire if you don’t make the fair choices post-workout. If you are sweating hard to achieve your fitness goals and perfect shape dream, you might find it difficult to reach them if your post-workout choices are not healthy and as perfect as your workout sessions.

From dietary strategies to relaxing and flexing muscles, there are many things that are advised by trainers, that might or might not work with your body. Here we’ve rounded up some of the most common post workout mistakes that can make your fitness goal more distant and probably unachievable.

5 Post Workout Mistakes that you should avoid

Post Workout Strech, Post Workout Mistakes, Hot girl stretching in gym

Skipping the Stretch: You were a superhero throughout your workout session in the gym. Strong. Fit. Fast. Now it feels difficult to stand up without cringing. Is there any approach to counter this post-workout anguish?

Many people make a mistake of skipping cool-down and stretch after their workout session which is actually stupid as stretching is crucial to calm down your stress hormones. Post-workout stretching helps your body regain the flexibility by minimizing the muscle stiffness; which means your body will be ready again for workout sooner rather than later.

Try These Hot Yoga Poses To Fire Up Your Sex Life

Cooling down is equally important to reduce post-workout muscle soreness. Concluding your exercise with some light aerobics—like walking or jumping lets your internal organs and muscles return to their comfortable levels.

Health experts suggest, taking the time to let your heart rate and blood pressure revert to normal levels cuts your risk of injury.

Post workout diet, hot asian girl eating in gym, flat chest asian girl

Under-eating or over eating: What you eat after hitting a workout session at the gym may just be the most important food you eat all day. Food fuels you up before and after workout, and it also helps your muscles repair themselves.

For example, if you weigh 65kg your body needs 65g of protein every day. Many people see food in an emotional way. Many people eat certain things to feel better. This can lead to emotional over-eating or an imbalanced ratio of macro-nutrients.

The biggest post-workout mistake people make is failing to chose an ideal combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate for their body.

Water bottle in gym, Hot boy drinking water in gym, gym water bottle

Skipping your water bottle: Dehydration is a key contributor to post-workout exhaustion. If your urine flows darker than its usual color, you are likely to be dehydrated. A mere 1% level of dehydration can have a significant impact on your health. Make sure you carry a bottle of fresh water with you when you are training.

Sorry, but a vodka, beer or soda doesn’t count as a hydration agent. Consuming alcohol after a workout session slows down the muscle recovery, dehydrates your body, and increases your risk of blood clots.

Full body ice pack massage, gym mistakes, hot man with ice pack

Icing and painkillers: Most people tend to use ice packs after a workout to ease the soreness, but icing or taking painkillers without prescription can harm more than they relieve you. Icing reduces inflammation, but in doing so it intervenes the natural way of muscle repair that helps you build more lean mass and become stronger.

Another post workout mistake people make is popping painkillers like candy. Painkillers like ibuprofen delay muscle healing by 6 to 8 hours by checking inflammation—so take it only if you’re really sore.

Sleep after gym workout, beauty sleep, beautiful hot girl sleeping

Sleep Deprivation: Sleep for 6 to 8 hours is crucial for your body to recover after an intense workout session. Because that’s when your body truly starts to repair and build stronger muscles It is advisable to get to bed by 10 p.m as this is the time when your body tends to repair itself according to its natural circadian clock.

As the body focuses on its psychological repair from 2 a.m to 6 a.m. you should not skip it. And if you are tired it is very easy to eat the wrong types of food. So get to bed on time.

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