What is it like to be Brutally Honest all the time

Being a Brutally Honest person is neither good nor bad. It is situational. It is a process.

There are two kinds of opinions. The kind you should keep to yourself, and the kind you shouldn’t give but you give anyway. If you ought to be all the time on latter track, then you might be suffering from the disease of being Brutally Honest. People ask you stupid questions and when you try to answer them in an honest logical way they call you insensitive, arrogant and what not, and you’d be like “Why did you ask for my opinion if you didn’t want to hear the truth Nigga!.” But being a brutally honest person doesn’t only comprises blunt scrutiny for others, but accepting your own flaws too. A brutal honest person can, if we accept it as coolly as possible, actually tell us some things we need to know. Being brutally honest is like highlighting our own shadow, society’s shadow and that dark side of the humanity that we see everyday but deny to accept it exists. Brutally honest quotes meme, defination of being brutally honest meaning meme, what are the pros and cons of being brutally honest.

Pros and Cons of being a Brutally Honest person

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A brutally honest person is basically not trying to be harsh but if he is hard pressed by somebody, he needs not to sugar-coat his opinion, especially if he has had to say it once or twice already. It has nothing to do with arrogance. He’d rather be undervalued and have people listen to him when he talks softly.

Pros of being a Brutally Honest person:

  • When life gives you lemons, making a logical point in the right sense, without any political, social, psychological inclination will not only make you a just person, but also gives you inner peace.
  • When being asked for an irksome favor or a question, you won’t need to manipulate your conscience.
  • Having thousands of followers doesn’t make any sense if they believe in the impressions  and perceptions you have made and not in you. Being a brutally honest person wins you genuine fans, friends and followers who will stand with you always, no matters what. You are surrounded by the people who genuinely care about you. They maybe less in number but they are real!
  • Shedding all the weight of false emotions and pretensions makes you feel lighter.
  • Honesty is directly proportional to your strength of conviction. If you choose to be on the right path, even though it’s not popular, you will win.
  • Being brutally honest with someone, and having someone else be brutally honest with you, is what emboldens you to improve and grow yourself.

Cons of being a Brutally Honest person:

  • People expect facade. If you are brutally honest, it implies you are really bad at pretending. Sometimes you need to pretend in given circumstances, but a poor pretension can snatch a good job, a good relation or a good friend from you.
  • You can’t fake sentiments, likes and dislikes. If you avoid someone, somehow that person perpetually ends up perceiving it through your expressions or body language.
  • If you are Brutally Honest and cannot sugar-coat your words, you’d just find yourself walking alone more often than not. Nobody can bear to hear the truth at all times.
  • If you’re being brutally honest on a regular basis, and your life isn’t just swaying from one crisis to another, you apparently be called a heartless, cruel and insensitive person who don’t understand social rules and chivalry.
  • Being brutally honest reveals you and your weakness, typically then, people get to identify you better and rather than helping you they pounce on the slightest hint of an opportunity to exploit your vulnerability and manipulate you.

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