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Forget Horoscopes, Here Is Why You Should Go For A Blood Test Before Marriage



When it comes to wedding, most of the people go to their Pundits to check for the compatibility of horoscopes or to a photographer to book their pre-wedding photoshoot. But there is something more important than checking for the compatibility of your stars. Kamal of Karnal recently got tied in a wed-lock with Anuradha of Panipat, what makes their wedding stand out is that Anuradha had asked the Kamal to take a Thalassaemia detection blood test before marriage and the he obliged.

Most couples who are about to take the plunge believe they know everything about each-other already. At least, they think they know all that matters, like what her waist size is, and what is his favorite color, and which movie they each like to watch again and again. But in most cases, they overlook one very important matter — their health.

Getting tested for all the tests suggested by doctors before tying the knot is undoubtedly the wisest thing you can do. It will not only help you know about the possible hurdles, but  will also help you learn about how you can deal with it in the long run.

Pre-Wedding Blood Tests: Why blood test is necessary before marriage?

Pre-Wedding Blood Tests, why blood test before marriage, blood sugar test

The basic idea behind getting a health check before marriage is to rule out the factors, deficiencies or diseases that may interfere with a happy married life. Advances in medicine, and more so in medical awareness, has made us acutely conscious to know more about our would-be spouse’s health and their family’s health and well being.

There are some tests that are important to know if you or your partner carry any genes that could manifest as a disease in your children. For example, the abnormal gene that is responsible for Thalessemia is passed on to patients from their parents or grandparents. It only occurs when both father and mother carry the abnormal gene and pass it on to their child.

There is 25% greater chance of a child suffering from Thalassemia in such case. If every couple gets a simple blood test for Thalassaemia done before getting married, they will know whether they are carriers of Thalassaemia or not. If both are non-carriers, they need not bother. However, if one of the two partners is a carrier of an abnormal gene and another is normal, there is no chance of passing it on to their child.

Premarital Tests: 4 Medical Tests You Should Do Before Marriage

The information of your future life-partner’s fitness status doesn’t mean that wedlock is not possible but it offers you a road to address a versed consent, and it lets you and your mate seek decent medical care beforehand to avert needless stress and trouble during the marriage.

This infographic portrays the possible reasons of having a blood test before marriage:

pre wedding health checkup, pre marital blood test

Healthy Progeny Program – Saint Ram Rahim Ushers Another Social Revolution

Back in 2015, during a spiritual  congregation held at Dera Sacha Sauda, India, the MSG-fame Saint Ram Rahim, hailed the devotees to pledge for having a blood test before their marriage. Seeing the plight of children suffering from genetic disorders, Saint Ram Rahim has initiated this campaign to spread awareness among masses.

Baba has entitled this initiative amongst the long list of 133 welfare works in the series of humanitarian endeavors being rendered by Dera Sacha Sauda. On his call, thousands of devotees have wholeheartedly welcomed this and pledged to have a medical test before their marriage.

Not only can a pre-marital blood test reduce the burden of genetic diseases, but if accepted as a cultural change, can bring about reduction in several diseases, especially ones that are blood borne. Most of us tend to overlook the health aspect of a marriage, forgetting that it is one of the most integral parts of a happy relationship.

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  1. Karamveer singh

    March 26, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Nice details about the subject.. May I know is there any remedy if both are the carriers. Thnx in advance

    • Sumitt Singh

      March 26, 2016 at 8:40 PM

      If both you and your partner are thalassaemia carriers, your baby may have a:

      # one in four chance that he will be neither a carrier, nor have the disease
      # one in two chance of being a symptom-free carrier
      # one in four chance of having the more severe thalassaemia major

      If you and your partner have been diagnosed with thalassaemia trait, a diagnostic test will tell you for sure whether your baby has inherited it.
      If your spouse has thalassaemia, you should seek for a doctor who specialises in blood disorders (haematologist) for assessment. Depending on the type of thalassaemia you have, your spouse may be cared for by a specialist team throughout your pregnancy. Taking folic acid every day may help her blood to stay healthy too. Having thalassaemia can lead to anaemia during pregnancy. If your spouse has beta thalassaemia minor, your doctor will recommend her have extra tests to check your iron levels before she is offered iron tablets.

      You can consult Dr Nitin Sood, who is a Haemotologist in Medant Medicity Group, his contact number and mail address are:
      +91-9717265111 ,Email Address : [email protected]
      For a good gesture, mail him your query and schedule an appointment before making a call.

  2. Kavita rani

    April 12, 2016 at 5:37 AM

    #gurmeetramrahin ji insan a true care taker for every creature …..I Salute Guru ji
    For their selfless services e.g. skin bank 4acid attack victims besides this 47 humanitarian works…[email protected]

  3. Rahul

    November 8, 2016 at 1:50 AM

    Informative , this is the first time reading your blog

    Well done !! God bless you

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5 Post-Workout Mistakes that are ruining your Fitness Goals




post Workout mistakes in gym, hot girl in gym, slim flat chest girl doing workout

No matter how much energy and time you put into your workout sessions in gym, you won’t see the outcomes you desire if you don’t make the fair choices post-workout. If you are sweating hard to achieve your fitness goals and perfect shape dream, you might find it difficult to reach them if your post-workout choices are not healthy and as perfect as your workout sessions.

From dietary strategies to relaxing and flexing muscles, there are many things that are advised by trainers, that might or might not work with your body. Here we’ve rounded up some of the most common post workout mistakes that can make your fitness goal more distant and probably unachievable.

5 Post Workout Mistakes that you should avoid

Post Workout Strech, Post Workout Mistakes, Hot girl stretching in gym

Skipping the Stretch: You were a superhero throughout your workout session in the gym. Strong. Fit. Fast. Now it feels difficult to stand up without cringing. Is there any approach to counter this post-workout anguish?

Many people make a mistake of skipping cool-down and stretch after their workout session which is actually stupid as stretching is crucial to calm down your stress hormones. Post-workout stretching helps your body regain the flexibility by minimizing the muscle stiffness; which means your body will be ready again for workout sooner rather than later.

Try These Hot Yoga Poses To Fire Up Your Sex Life

Cooling down is equally important to reduce post-workout muscle soreness. Concluding your exercise with some light aerobics—like walking or jumping lets your internal organs and muscles return to their comfortable levels.

Health experts suggest, taking the time to let your heart rate and blood pressure revert to normal levels cuts your risk of injury.

Post workout diet, hot asian girl eating in gym, flat chest asian girl

Under-eating or over eating: What you eat after hitting a workout session at the gym may just be the most important food you eat all day. Food fuels you up before and after workout, and it also helps your muscles repair themselves.

For example, if you weigh 65kg your body needs 65g of protein every day. Many people see food in an emotional way. Many people eat certain things to feel better. This can lead to emotional over-eating or an imbalanced ratio of macro-nutrients.

The biggest post-workout mistake people make is failing to chose an ideal combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate for their body.

Water bottle in gym, Hot boy drinking water in gym, gym water bottle

Skipping your water bottle: Dehydration is a key contributor to post-workout exhaustion. If your urine flows darker than its usual color, you are likely to be dehydrated. A mere 1% level of dehydration can have a significant impact on your health. Make sure you carry a bottle of fresh water with you when you are training.

Sorry, but a vodka, beer or soda doesn’t count as a hydration agent. Consuming alcohol after a workout session slows down the muscle recovery, dehydrates your body, and increases your risk of blood clots.

Full body ice pack massage, gym mistakes, hot man with ice pack

Icing and painkillers: Most people tend to use ice packs after a workout to ease the soreness, but icing or taking painkillers without prescription can harm more than they relieve you. Icing reduces inflammation, but in doing so it intervenes the natural way of muscle repair that helps you build more lean mass and become stronger.

Another post workout mistake people make is popping painkillers like candy. Painkillers like ibuprofen delay muscle healing by 6 to 8 hours by checking inflammation—so take it only if you’re really sore.

Sleep after gym workout, beauty sleep, beautiful hot girl sleeping

Sleep Deprivation: Sleep for 6 to 8 hours is crucial for your body to recover after an intense workout session. Because that’s when your body truly starts to repair and build stronger muscles It is advisable to get to bed by 10 p.m as this is the time when your body tends to repair itself according to its natural circadian clock.

As the body focuses on its psychological repair from 2 a.m to 6 a.m. you should not skip it. And if you are tired it is very easy to eat the wrong types of food. So get to bed on time.

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True Master’s benison makes the difference




True Master's benison makes the difference , Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim trained Vijender Singh Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan in Shah Satnam Ji Cricket Stadium , Ilam chand yoga player sirsa

A True Master shows people the right path, the path of self realization, the path to excel in their ambitions. A true Guru not just imparts the spiritual wisdom to enlighten the path to supreme abode but also showers the words of worldly wisdom, so that his devotees may enjoy a life of inner peace and contentment in both spiritual and worldly realms. Saint Ram Rahim, is one true torchbearer of such wisdom who is guiding millions of devotees like a guiding light through the storms of their lives.

Tiniest advices from a true Guru can make a big change in one’s life if followed with firm belief, though it is hard to notice after one excels in their aspirations. This is something unimaginable for those who are drenched in the materialistic spheres of life, but for those whose life has changed following this tiny insights, this is real bliss, only a few like Vijender Singh have courage to acknowledge and appreciate the guidance that drives them motivated. Well, what does happen is that if the pupil does not keep up the tryst with the True Master’s instructions, he may eventually forget where the midas touch came from.

This is not to take away credit from these remarkable athletes for their performances, but only to reiterate the fact that meditation works and the blessings of a True Master always bear fruit, provided one has a modicum of faith. True Saints are showering blessings on the humanity all the time, and have no inclination for scoring points by counting those whose lives they have transformed. And none of their benevolent actions demand reciprocation in the form of gratitude. True Master’s benison makes the difference ,  Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim trained Vijender Singh Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan in Shah Satnam Ji Cricket Stadium , Ilam chand yoga player sirsa.

The moment that changed life of Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh brought laurel to the nation winning a medal in Olympics. He became famous, he was on News, TV Shows and what not, he appeared in Salman Khan’s show 10 Ka Dum, then Nach Baliye and many more. All this fame, all this attention was somehow diverting his mind from boxing for sure, that might be the reason behind Vijender acting in lead for the Bollywood movie Fugly which came in 2014. True Master's benison makes the difference , Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim trained Vijender Singh Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan in Shah Satnam Ji Cricket Stadium , Ilam chand yoga player sirsaVijender, India’s boxing poster has not had much luck after the 2010 Asian games where he blanked out World Champion Abbos Atoev. The same year also saw him win a silver medal in the Champion of Champions in China. The 2010 commonwealth games were also a high point when he scripted history by winning a Gold medal, defeating Frank Buglioni from the UK. After that, he hit a rough patch when he lost the Olympic quarterfinals to arch rival Abbos Atoev of Uzbekistan. Then, he was sucked into a vortex of events, that were ostensibly meant to shield the high and mighty. And then his life-changing moment came. During 2014, Vijender Singh visited New Delhi for his movie promotion in Rubru Night, it’s a kind of musical concert organized by Dera Sacha Sauda chief Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim to connect youth with spirituality with Spiritual Rock. Saint Ram Rahim advised Vijender Singh to focus only on boxing, there is so much more to achieve in his boxing career. Saint Ram Rahim asked him to work hard to make India proud, and gave his blessing to Vijender. That was the moment when Vijender took the most important decision of his life, he decided to practice hard in boxing leaving all the reel fame aside.

He decided to become a real hero, he was more focused than ever. After that talk with Saint Ram Rahim, Vijender devoted himself to boxing as much as possible. There came both good and bad times in his life but he stuck to boxing as he knew he can do it, he has what it takes. Look at him now, reasults are so bright, he has the perfect stats in Pro Boxing career. Recently, Vijender Singh visited Dera Sacha Sauda to express his gratitude to the spiritual master Gurmeet Ram Rahim for his guidance. He told how much thankful he was and mentioned the life-changing advice that Saint Ram Rahim gave him in 2014.

Virat Kohli’s chatter with Saint Ram Rahim about batting technique

Shikhar Dhawan, alongwith Virat Kohli visited the Shah Satnamji Cricket Stadium to participate in the Vijay Hazare trophy in February, 2010. Till then, he had not yet got an opportunity to be in the Indian team. He met Guruji and asked him if he still had a chance to represent the country. True Master's benison makes the difference , Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim trained Vijender Singh Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan in Shah Satnam Ji Cricket Stadium , Ilam chand yoga player sirsaSaint Ram Rahim taught him the meditation and asked him to be positive. His selection was announced in the very next ODI series after which he has been a constant member of the Indian side. Before that particular match, Virat Kohli had also been flitting in and out of the national team. He met Guruji and told him that when he goes for batting, after scoring 30 or 40, his minds get deviated and he gets bowled out. Then Guruji shared a couple of practical pearls. The first was to go out and play his natural game. Secondly, Guruji asked him to not to experiment with his batting techniques, he asked him to improve the techniques in training sesson and when advised him to judge the bowling order in defensive mode first.

The most important bit was that he learnt the meditation and Praanayam. Post that, Virat was selected in the very next tour and he became a legend in his own right. “If you have passion for something you will surely get it if you give your 100%. Fairy tales do come true if you work for them. Once the goal gets into sight it gets easy to become complacent but that is the worst mistakes of all.

The key is not to become complacent but carry on with the same intensity. There are more talented people than me but my self belief is a strength. I feel I can do it and work towards it. When you taste a bit of success there is every scope for you to get carried away. I did and made mistakes. But I learnt from them and vowed never to repeat those,” says Kohli. Well… this self-belief makes him Virat Kohli.

84 year old Ilam Chand bringing laurels to the nation

84 year old Ilam Chand might not be a great famous star like Virat Kohli or Vijender Singh, but having more than 200 national and international medals in such advancing age is something that makes us mention him here in the list. Ilam Chand may be 84, but he still performs tough yoga postures, including ‘shirshasana’ (headstand), to avail the benefits of the ancient Indian discipline. True Master's benison makes the difference , Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim trained Vijender Singh Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan in Shah Satnam Ji Cricket Stadium , Ilam chand yoga player sirsaBeing a sugar patient, he started practicing yoga in 2001 after the advice of his spiritual guru Saint Ram Rahim and after that he never looked back. “While most people of my age complain about pains, I take part in marathons to prove that yoga can keep one young, flexible and active,” he says. He had won as many as 241 medals in state, national and international yoga championships. He started competing in yoga contests in 2002 and still competes. He had won the gold medal in International World Yoga Championship held in Puducherry in 2008 and later represented India twice in the Asian Yoga Championship held at Malaysia and China in 2010 and 2011, respectively. In December 2015, he was awarded with the State Life Achievement Award of Senior Citizen by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. He says, “You are never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument. The youth today is affected by ‘polluted talk’.

The youngsters only talk about problems, not solutions. This is only because they don’t focus on their health and body. Meditation and Yoga purifies not just the body but soul too, enhances will power, thus makes you champion” he adds.

Why So Much Fury Over FYI’s recommendation on Dronacharya Award on Baba Ram Rahim

Few days back The Yoga Federation of India (YFI) recommended the name of Dera Sacha Sauda’s chief Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh for the Dronacharya Award. So called “Sports Experts” have stated that “Gurmeet Ram Rahim has no connection with sports” and “Ram Rahim himself is demanding for Dronacharya award”, but is that true? Watch this video to know what Baba Ram Rahim said about Dronacharya Award on his Facebook Live address!

Fact: About 10% of the total medals won by Indian Athletes each year belongs to students of Dera Sacha Sauda’s Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutes. Yes 10% of all the sports belongs not to to one state but to one organization Dera Sacha Sauda under the guidance of one and only coach Saint Ram Rahim.

Post inspired from Youth Voice, Quora, Saying Truth, and HT

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Why should you file ITR even if your income is not taxable



income tax calculator, income tex faq helpline, Why should you file ITR even if your income is not taxable, file itr, itr login, itr benefits, itr form, how to file income tax return ITR

Many people are confused when it comes to filing tax returns when the income falls below the taxable limit or when no taxes are due. What if your income is below the taxable limit of Rs 2.5 lakh per year? Should you still file tax returns? Yes You should. The last date to file /e-file your income tax return is 31st July. Here is why should you file ITR even if your income is not taxable!

What is income tax

Annual charge levied on both earned income (wages, salaries, commission) and unearned income (dividends, interest, rents). In addition to financing a government’s operations, progressive income taxation is designed to distribute wealth more evenly in a population, and to serve as automatic fiscal stabilizer to cushion the effects of economic cycles.

What is income tax return ITR

income tax calculator, income tex faq helpline, Why should you file ITR even if your income is not taxable, file itr, itr login, itr benefits, itr form, how to file income tax return ITR

It is the format in which all the assesses should declare their income details, tax payment details and other basic details. There are totally 8 ITR forms in India, which should be selected based on the type of incomes an assesses has.

ITR 1 – For individuals having income from salary, one house property and interest.
ITR 2 – Those who doesn’t fall under ITR 1 + For individuals and HUF who doesn’t have Business Income.
ITR 3 – For partners in firms (but doesn’t have any personal business).
ITR 4 – For individuals and HUF’s having business income.
ITR 4S – For individuals and HUF having income from presumptive business.
ITR 5 – For persons other than Individual, HUF, Company and for whom ITR 7 is not applicable.
ITR 6 – For companies other than companies claiming exemption under sec-11.
ITR 7 – For persons including companies required to furnish returns under various sub-sections of 139.

Who has to file Income Tax Return?

According to Section 139(1), every person whose total income during the previous year exceeds the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income tax has to file a tax return. During the current assessment year, any person earning exceeds Rs.2, 50,000/- is required to file Income tax return. In the Income tax act , all the incomes are divided into 5 heads as follow:

  • Income from House property
  • Income from Business or profession
  • Capital gains (long term / short term)
  • Income from salaries
  • Income from other sources (those incomes which don’t belong to any of the above 4 heads)

The total of Net income from all heads is knows as gross income. After reducing the deduction from gross income is known as taxable income. ITR is filled against this taxable income.

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How to fill ITR online

Before you start the process, keep your bank statements, Form 16 issued by your employer and a copy of last year’s return at hand. Next, log on to Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register yourself on the website. Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) will be your user ID.
  • Step 2: View your tax credit statement — Form 26AS — for the financial year 2015-16 . The statement will reflect the taxes deducted by your employer actually deposited with the I-T department. The TDS as per your Form 16 must tally with the figures in Form 26AS. If you file the return despite discrepancies, if any, you could get a notice from the I-T department later.
  • Step 3: Under the ‘Download’ menu, click on Income Tax Return Forms and choose AY 2016-17 (for financial year 201-16 ). Download the Income Tax Return (ITR) form applicable to you. If your exempt income exceeds Rs 5,000, the appropriate form will be ITR-2 . If the applicable form is ITR-1 or ITR 4S, you can complete the process on the portal itself, by using the ‘Quick e-file ITR’ link.
  • Step 4: Open the downloaded Return Preparation Software (excel utility) and complete the form by entering all the details , using your Form 16.
  • Step 5: Ascertain the tax payable by clicking the ‘Calculate Tax’ tab. Pay tax (if applicable) and enter the challan details in the tax return.

Why should you file ITR even if your income is not taxable

  • Loans: Having filed the ITR will help individuals, like the one in the example above, when they have to apply for a vehicle loan (two-wheeler or four-wheeler). All major banks can ask for a copy of tax returns. State Bank of India asks vehicle loan applicants for the latest salary-slip showing all deductions, TDS certificate / Form 16, copy of ITR for last two financial years. Additionally, showing a copy of ITR receipts also comes handy if your loan application is rejected or if you are not getting as much loan as you want.
  • To claim refund: If you have a refund due from the Income Tax Department, you will have to file returns, without which you will have to forgo the refund.
  • To carry forward losses: If you do not file returns, you will not be able to carry forward capital losses (short-term or long-term), if any, in a financial year to be adjusted against capital gains made in the subsequent years. A long-term capital loss in one year can be carried forward for eight consecutive years immediately succeeding the year in which the loss is incurred. Long-term capital loss can be adjusted only against a long-term capital gain in the year. But short-term capital loss (STCL) can be adjusted against long- as well as short-term capital gains.
  • Visa processing: If you are traveling overseas, foreign consulates ask you to furnish ITR receipt of the last couple of years at the time of the visa interview. Some embassies may ask for ITR receipts of previous three years, while some others may ask for the most recent certificate. This is especially true if you plan to travel to the US, UK, Canada or Europe, not so stringent for South East Asia or Middle East.
  • Buying a high life cover: Buying life cover of Rs 50 lakh or Rs 1 crore has become commonplace. However, these covers are available against your ITR documents to verify annual income. Life insurance companies, especially LIC, ask for ITR receipts these days if you opt to buy a term policy with sum insured of Rs 50 lakh or more. The sum insured one can get with a term cover depends on many factors one of which is the income of the insured. If an insured does not have a very high salary, he doesn’t need a higher insurance cover.
  • Government tender: Experts say that if one plans to start their business and need to fill a government tender or two for the same, they will need to show their tax return receipts of the previous five years. This again, is to show your financial status and whether you can support the payment obligation or not.
  • Importance for self employed friends: Self-employed businessmen, consultants and partners of firms do not get Form 16. Hence, ITR receipts become an even more important document for them, provided their annual income exceeds the basic exemption limit of Rs 2.50 lakh. For all sorts of financial transactions, ITR receipts will be the only proof of income and tax payment for the self-employed.
  • Costs you nothing: Any individual with an annual income of more than 2.5 lakhs before allowing deduction such as 80C or 80D is mandated to file income tax returns in India. Returns can be filed either in a physical manner or electronically. If you think that you can get rid of paying taxes by not filing your returns, then you are definitely wrong. Because not filing returns will cost you more than not paying taxes.
  • Safe not sorry route: Income tax department might issue a warning by sending you a notice to file your returns as soon as possible if it thinks you are jumping your taxes. And if you are found to be obligated to pay taxes, The IT department will keep adding up additional interest of 1% per month till the time you clear off your tax payments this is over and above regular interest for non-payment of taxes within time. Further, you will also be subjected to several penalties. The last date to file /e-file your income tax return is 31st July. So, if you haven’t yet filed returns yet, do it now to avoid any penalties in future.

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