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Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls



Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls

Rape, assaults, molestation, bullying are some words that hurl almost every woman into a sea of fears. And it’s every parent’s unspoken fear for their daughter. The feeling of insecurity is a thing that you can’t always see it but it’s there, infringing the women’s feel of freedom. According to a research two-thirds of Indian women ‘do not feel safe’. The obvious and most important reason for a girl to get involved in the martial arts is the capacity for self-defense that she will develop. In today’s increasingly violent world, crime can strike anywhere. Women are often times the target of sex crimes and, not knowing how to defend themselves, it can scar a young girl for her entire life. Being able to know how to defend herself is an invaluable tool as she grows up, taking her skills with her to college, and it gives not only her but also her parents a feeling that at least their daughter is safe. Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls and which martial art is best for women.

Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls , Top Ten Deadliest Martial , Hot Asian Girl

Why Martial Arts Is Important For Girls

November 26, 2008 will go down in history as the day India got it’s wake-up call: for decades we stood seemingly invincible to the world, ignoring the terror strikes in Kashmir, Naxal attacks in Chattisgarh, and separatist movements in North-East; always thinking that we are safe in our cities. Be it Delhi or some small town in Kerala, crime is rising and menacing the innocent citizens. Recent news from Delhi of stabbing a girl for money, killing a teenager for honking a horn, everything from minor robberies to kidnappings and outright murder remind us that violence can strike at any time and in any place. These types of events happen all the time. They occur everywhere. They happen in streets, malls, schools and workplaces. But are we ready for such kind of instances if happen to us?

Have you given a thought about why do girls fail to protect themselves only at times. That’s because they are not able to self-defend themselves. So buckle up your shoes and go for martial arts class because it most importantly teaches you self-defense which will not only help to protect yourself but save other people’s life as well. For girls specially, it’s the best way to fight back against the men who try to tease or abuse them. But behind pop culture and the punches and kicks, there is a lot more to the martial arts than meets the eye. More than sport, fighting, or self-defense, the martial arts are first and foremost about life. About finding what is at the essence of your own being and expressing that essence.

Victor or Victim, Choice is Yours

Rape, assaults, molestation, bullying are some words that hurl almost every woman into a sea of fears. We’ve heard it a million times: Men are the warriors and protectors, and women are the protectees. Their bodies are too fragile, their spirits are too weak, they aren’t made of the right stuff to tackle the abusers. It’s precisely these internalized “can’t do” feelings that destroys theirs self-protective abilities. As they say ‘Fittest will survive’, to fight for survival is a basic-instinct in all creatures and human females are no exception. This attitude is essential to survival, to ward off the beasts roaming in the human jungle.

While women do have some disadvantages, women also possess some unique strengths: speed, agility, a lower center of gravity (excellent for balance and maintaining a base of power) that can transform a poor girl into a mighty creature. Studies have finally dismissed the myth that women are unable to protect themselves and that resistance will only ‘make things worse.’ Recent studies show that immediate and aggressive responses including fighting back are effective. The strength of women holds out hope for planet in the midst of ever growing insecurity.

To combat assaults and molestation, arm yourself with these essential strategies:

  • If you are pinned or rendered immobile and cannot immediately resist, take the first opening you get. You may not get a second chance. Assault can abruptly escalate to a more violent, life-threatening attack such as severe beating, stabbing or murder. In the plight of risk it now or risk it later, sooner is always the better option.
  • Never allow yourself to be tied up or taken to a secondary crime scene – whether forced into a vehicle or dragged behind a building. The statistics get grim: at a second, more isolated location, an assailant will have far more control over you. Go ballistic — immediately! Attack like a wolverine, but don’t go with.
  • All women possess the powerful inner resource of self-protection. This instinct lies deep within us all. Unearth it. Respect it. Learn to bring it to bear. Recouping this power is not only life saving, but life changing.
  • Meditation with deep breathing techniques helps to develop stamina. Especially, the meditation taught at Dera Sacha Sauda does wonders as India’s Yoga, Throw ball and roller skating women contingents have excelled at the world stage, on the basis of this very meditation.
  • The aerobic reserve, the stamina and most importantly, the nerve to handle tricky situations and not panic is developed by this powerful technique. A right frame of mind is absolutely necessary under the circumstances.
Which Martial Art Women Should Learn

One basic martial art, preferably Taekwondo or Karate is ideal. It is best for girls to train with female instructors to avoid distractions. It is important to start learning one set of techniques properly before one starts picking up things from here and there. Taekwondo and karate emphasize kicks and blows, while Judo is for throws. As one goes into a full contact technique, it is also essential to start learning throws, locks and takedowns. Basically, what works best in a street situation is mixed martial arts. So, the emphasis has to be on acquiring the right techniques instead of sticking to a particular style. An initial style has to be chosen to become perfect, in the basics of kicks, blocks and punches; but starting from there, one should sail into the ocean. Aiki Jujitsu, Krav Maga and Wing Chun give excellent techniques. The most important idea is to spare time and have regular sparring partners. Once you train together and discuss, A vast avenue of possibilities shall crop up. The internet provides endless opportunities in the form of youtube videos.

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    June 30, 2018 at 12:41 AM

    hii there, glad to read your blog. well as i am from india here also women need to have well trained in self defence.

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What Is CIBIL Score and How It Is Calculated!



Till now, you had to spend Rs 500 to Rs. 1200 to know your credit score or CIBIL score, but do you know, now you can check your CIBIL score for free? Yes! You can check your credit score on the official website of Credit Information Bureau, without spending a single penny and can quickly know that as per your CIBIL score, at what interest rate and monthly EMI, you can take the loan from the bank.

Why good credit score is important: In the recent years, almost every bank has changed its policies and added a clause for good credit scorers. According to it, good credit scores will not only help in getting the loan on easy EMI terms, but also will assist in getting concessions in interest rates. For example, People having CIBIL score more than 760 in home loans for Bank Of Baroda, will get the loan at 8.35% interest rate only.

If your CIBIL score is not good, then you may face hurdles in getting your loan approved. As per the latest policies regarding credit score, if your previous loan repayments and the transaction record is stable, then the bank can even lessen your monthly EMI.

Frequently asked questions about Credit Score: Due to lack of the proper information regarding credit score, many people have doubts regarding it, like, what is CIBIL Score, how much CIBIL score is considered good, how to check CIBIL report online and how to improve credit score?

There would be many who need to know how credit score is calculated, if one has done negligence in previous transactions and loan repayments how to handle this situation of lousy track record. Here, in this article, we are bringing an answer to each of these questions & that too in straightforward words so that you can understand each term easily.

If you still have any query to ask or have valuable information about CIBIL score to share with our readers, then you can post it in the comment section at the end of this article.

What is a Credit Score?

Credit score analysis, credit score check online, sibil score online calculate, credit card issue guideline

How does CIBIL Bureau work: Trans-Union Credit Information Bureau India Limited (generally known as CIBIL) is India’s first ever credit information company, which keeps the transaction record of loans and credit cards, as provided by the banks in India.

CIBIL keeps the record of all reputed banks, creditors, commercial bodies and not only this, more than 2400 financial institutions are part of it. CIBIL maintains a complete record of above 550 Million accounts & credit records worldwide. Amazed, right? This huge database is the very reason behind the high credibility of CIBIL credit scoring algorithm.

हिंदी में पढ़ें: सिबिल स्कोर कितना होना चाहिए

These records are submitted by banks and other creditors to CIBIL on a monthly basis, and this information is then used to prepare the Credit Information Report (CIR) of creditors and to decide credit score so that lenders can judge the loan application of person by their financial records.

Why is it necessary to have a good CIBIL score?

Credit/CIBIL score plays a significant role in the loan approval process in any bank. Whenever you fill a loan application form, then the lender bank or the lender company inspect each detail of your credit report regarding your previous loan history. After analyzing your repayment capacity, lenders decide whether to lend you a loan or not. If your credit score is too low, then the lender will immediately deny to give you any loan.

How credit score is calculated: In simple words, CIBIL score presents your credibility in financial dealings, that whether you have repaid the previous loan amount by following the guidelines of the bank timely or not. If you have not paid EMI correctly or have not paid the loan as per the terms and within the stipulated period, then this behavior may add up to a bad credit score and can have adverse effects on your future loan approvals.

How much Credit Score is good?

As per CIBIL, the measure of credit score can be from 100 to 1000 points. Points less than 650, are considered as poor, that means, if your score is less than 650 then you may face difficulty in getting credit cards and loans. On the other hand, points more than 750 are considered as a good credit score. You will not face any hassle in getting loan from various banks or getting the credit card if your score is above 750 points.

Good credit score, how to calculate and Improve credit score

  • Excellent Credit Score: 750+
  • Good Credit Score:700-749
  • Fair Credit Score: 650-699
  • Poor credit Score: 600-649
  • Bad Credit Score: below 600
What would be Credit Score if there’s no credit history

What if you never had a credit card or loan before: If you are applying a loan for the first time or applying for a credit card, then in the column of credit score in CIBIL table, N/A will be written. In this situation, the bank will check out your monthly income, bank statement of the previous six months and by estimating your payment capacity, the bank will set credit card limit or can approve or disapprove your loan.

How to check credit score online?

how check credit score online, cibil score online, improve cibil score, default cibil score improve, sibil score kaise pta krte hain

To know your credit score, go to the official website of CIBIL, and fill your PAN Number, Date of birth, monthly income and other necessary details and then click on submit. After submission, a new page will open up. Here again, you will have to fill your information; however, details regarding PAN card will automatically get filled.

After it, you will get an email from CIBIL, in which you will get a link and password for your CIBIL account. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to a new page, here do login by filling your email id and password that you got in your email. After getting logged in, you will be asked to change your password. After setting the new password, your CIBIL Account will be logged out.

Then, login again with your new password. After login, you will get your credit score. Remember, through this process of checking CIBIL score; you will get information about credit score only. For any further detail, you have to pay fees of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200.

How to improve your credit score?

Although, it’s not an easy task to improve your bad credit, as it takes a huge time to cover up, yet, your continuous efforts to fix credit score can prove fruitful to you. Here are some essential points, you should consider to improve your credit score:

  • Firstly, thoroughly review your credit report by requesting its free copy. By doing so, you will come to know all the loopholes, errors and other faults. In case of errors in the credit report, you can confidently tell your point to the credit bureau.
  • Make your payments on time & set proper reminders for it. You can enroll to automatic fees and get your loan installments, or EMIs paid on time.
  • Make a proper payment plan, wherein, mention your budget, all accounts, loans taken, their interests, etc. In this way, you come to know about credit with the highest interest & can manage to lessen loans by maintaining the accounts accurately.
  • Don’t put a negative impact by delaying bill payments. If you have neglected it before, then start making bill payments on time. Your these efforts will fade the earlier negative implications.
  • Anyhow, if you are facing problem in setting your credit score, then it’s better to take the help of a credit counselor. This way will help you improve your credit score.
  • Outstanding debt is dangerous. So keep your credit card balances low always.
  • Pay the credit card balance on time. Don’t delay.
  • You can raise your scores, by showing unused credit cards, so don’t close these down.
  • If you don’t need those, then don’t issue new credit cards. More accounts mean less average account age, as it can prove risky for credit scores. So, if you can manage credit within the short span, then don’t open new accounts.

These are pretty hacks to improve your credit score. If you follow these thoughtfully & don’t open new accounts often, make payments on time, don’t leave any outstanding credit card balances, then slowly, you will be able to get your credit report improved.

(With inputs from Komal Singla)

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Easy Yet Genius Hair Fall Control Tips For Monsoon



After a hot and sweaty summer, the monsoon comes as a relief but the humid and damp weather might take a toll on your hair. Even if you do not roam in the rains, you still find it difficult to dry your hair after a shower and they remain moist for a longer time because of humid climate.

Why Hair Fall Escalates In Monsoon: It is normal to lose some hair every day, but hair falls rapidly in the rainy season due to the high humidity and acidic rain water, which make hair dry and brittle. Leading hair care brand Dove expounds – hair’s chemical structure makes it unusually sensitive to airborne hydrogen. In this weather, your hair absorbs hydrogen, forming bonds, and swells until the smooth cuticle erupts to make them frizzy.

Wet hair may lead to many other problems too. Another reason that worsens the problem is the presence of environmental pollutants in rainwater that intensifies the fungal infection on scalp that weakens roots and causes hair fall.

6 Easy hair fall control tips for Monsoon

Here are some tips to take care of your hair to maintain healthy and good look all through the monsoon. Enjoy the magic of the monsoon but with a little natural precaution.

6 Easy hair fall control tips for Monsoon, Girl bath in rain, MSG 7-7 Shampoo & 9 Bar 9 Hair Oil, hair fall control treatment oil, hair care therapy, best shampoo, hair cuttery, hair cut style, hair growth loss transplant

  • Shampoo daily: Washing your hair with a chemical-free shampoo is the only way you can keep your hair and scalp clean. Regular shampooing won’t lead to hair loss or dry scalp, provided you use a mild shampoo. After washing your hair, dry them with a microfiber towel as they absorb the moisture very fast without causing much friction. Every time you dance in the rains, you must go for a shower to rinse away the acidic water from your scalp.
  • Drink plenty of water: Drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water daily is another tip to prevent hair loss in monsoon. Water helps wash off the toxins from our body. These toxins along with fungal infections can aggravate hair loss problem. Drink distilled water or filtered water which is devoid of chlorine, lead etc for healthy hair. Also Read: Why Drinking Water Makes You Look Better
  • Oil massage: Hair turns rough, dry and frizzy during monsoon. A quick and natural oil massage followed by a hair wash results in smooth, frizz-free and manageable hair. It also becomes necessary to give a hot oil massage to your hair every weekend or twice in a week, as scalp turns itchy and flaky in rains. But make sure your head massage must be gentle to avoid breakage. Alternatively, you can also opt for hair masks and other treatments to nourish your brittle hair, should the need arise.
  • Use Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera is considered to be a miracle plant when it comes to all-natural hair care remedies. It can be used to treat dandruff, split ends and hair fall problems in any season. Massaging Aloe Vera gel into the scalp restores pH balance, reduces hair bacteria, relieves scalp itching, promotes hair growth and eliminates dandruff among many other notable benefits.
  • Avoid junk food: Restrict your consumption of junk food such as burger, fries, chips, sugary edibles, etc., to a bare minimum as it contributes to hair thinning. Hair fall indicates deficiency of some key ingredients in your system, so make sure you have a balanced and holistic diet. Start including protein-rich foods in your diet including soyabean, low-fat cheese, beans and yogurt to prevent hair fall in monsoon.
  • Watch your Diet: Protein is the most important nutrient for healthy hair. So, if you want to show off your mane, you must eat foods that are a rich source of protein, such carrots, whole grains, dark green veggies, kidney beans, nuts, low-fat dairy products etc.

Let the melody of monsoon play on your mind, not it’s menace on your hair.

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Engineering Marvels : Cars from Heaven!!




The excitement and anticipation of seeing what’s new and innovative in automobile industry is more than enough to get the senses going. Unlike the doom and gloom during my childhood years, this year has brought me a great vibe and upbeat feel to my love for modified cars when I got a glimpse of the most amazing engineering innovations of the century. Fresh from an accident, that mass of metal once used to be a glitzy sedan; sold off for the value of scrap, it lands in the SMG Automobiles garage for a facelift. And when we look at the end product of modified car, the heart and soul shout in a sync – who brought these marvels from the heaven?

Engineering Marvels – Cars from Heaven!!

I love cars. I really do. And even though I grew up in the age when leading automobile companies made unbelievable advances in technology and designs, that doesn’t mean I could ever forget my fascination for my dream car ‘Batmobile’ driven by my superhero Batman. When I was 22 years old and had my first car, a Maruti 800, I could barely afford any modifications. Modifying a car is expensive, and working a minimum wage job would mean that I had to save up some extra bucks for months before I could afford stylish alloy wheels or an exhaust system. I turned to cheap exterior modifications as a way to enhance the look of my ride, some stickers being at the forefront. A sticker on each rear quarter-window and a front windshield banner did just the magic for me. You know the saying that stickers add extra power turning my car into a supercar? You know a sticker cannot turn a car 4×4, but when I got behind the wheel, for me it felt like that. The excitement and anticipation of seeing what’s new and innovative in automobile industry is more than enough to get the senses going. Unlike the doom and gloom during my childhood years, this year has brought me a great vibe and upbeat feel to my love for modified cars when I got a glimpse of the most amazing engineering innovations of the century.

Modified cars by Baba Ram Rahim

Just imagine a mangled heap of scrap being hauled into a workshop on four wheels. Fresh from an accident, that mass of metal once used to be a glitzy sedan. Engineering Marvels:Cars from Heaven!! , modified cars , Lionheart MSG Warrior, MSG Online Gurukul , Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Sacha Sauda, msgmyandurchoice, MSG apparels, MSG oil shampooSold off for the value of scrap, it lands in the SMG Automobiles garage for a facelift. If Cleopatra’s face could launch a thousand ships, the end product of this car could launch a car factory. This sounds weird and unbelievable but it is something that happens at a dusty garage in Sirsa with clock work regularity. And it is the brainchild of Saint Ram Rahim, who is all set to rock the world of automobile with a cyclonic gusto. Yes… right..!! Saint Ram Rahim, who recently stormed the Bollywood with his awe-inspiring movies. Very few people know that he is an avid automobile designer too.

There are many bespoke designers but most choose to work with fiber glass for it is easy to make fiberglass dies. Engineering Marvels:Cars from Heaven!! , modified cars , Lionheart MSG Warrior, MSG Online Gurukul , Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Sacha Sauda, msgmyandurchoice, MSG apparels, MSG oil shampooSaint Ram Rahim loves to craft amazing cars from ramshackle vehicles. If one looks at the garage where these vehicles are crafted one would be taken aback by the sparseness and simplicity. By looking at the end product one can never imagine its humble origins. Some experts say, “New and exciting technologies such as 3D printers, rapid prototyping, and ever-evolving CAD machines mean improved designs and quicker production times. But the way the cars are modified in a little time in SMG Automobiles, it seems that Guruji imports these cars from skies.” Saint Ram Rahim is currently working on his upcoming flick, MSG Online Gurukul that are said to be blended with high quality vfx and animations. We can expect to see many such engineering marvels in these movies!

Here, have a glimpse of those heavenly cars!!

Hey, back to the future !
This evolutionary vehicle was created out of a battered Honda City. Engineering Marvels:Cars from Heaven!! , modified cars , Lionheart MSG Warrior, MSG Online Gurukul , Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Sacha Sauda, msgmyandurchoice, MSG apparels, MSG oil shampoo The base was not shortened and this was carved into a two-door body. The new body shell is made in simple hand-pressed steel and glass that was molded based on dies provided by Guruji’s team. The interiors are done in compelling tones while the rear is as impressive as the front. Now, it is a beaut with no scars from the past!

The Agrojetter
This Agrojetter is an extensive modification of the Karizma bike platform. The body is made in fiber while the front tyres and suspension belong to the humble Alto. The steering is fashioned from a horizontally foreshortened version of a small car, while the boot space is in the front. The fuel tank sits just behind the seat. Engineering Marvels:Cars from Heaven!! , Modified cars in India, Lionheart MSG The Warrior, MSG Online Gurukul , Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Sacha Sauda, msgmyandurchoiceWhile Guruji envisaged this for horticultural work as ‘Agrojetter’ , rural healthcare experts have opined that this might be used as the last mile healthcare cum vaccination delivery system that they were looking for. Guruji has already initiated work on a low cost on-board refrigerator that might include waste heat recovery and a solar roof. This can easily be converted into a two-seater. In comparison to the ATV, it retains a lot of its fuel efficiency because it is a mobike at heart.

Wow that’s a blast !
With gullwing doors, a shortened base and snazzy styling, this one combines elements of a rugged sports car with a blood of roadster. Engineering Marvels:Cars from Heaven!! , Modified cars in India, Lionheart MSG The Warrior, MSG Online Gurukul , Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Dera Sacha Sauda, msgmyandurchoice Its looks do kill and we are dropping down dead for the lady in red is simply bewitching. Paired with delicate headlights and taillights, simple grille work, and that roofline, it possesses far more straight lines than curved and makes for one gorgeous beaut. The more dynamic surfacing elevates the signature look to a new, even classier level. What use to be a simple Santro is a ravishing Cleopatra’s face of a car now. If she was a…. 😎 oops, if I were a car, I would be chasing her all the time.

(Wrote this story back in 2014, for an English weekly, Saying Truth)

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