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How A True Saint in India is Cherishing Humanity With His Magnanimous Endeavors



‘World Kindness Day’ is celebrated worldwide every year on 13th November, to celebrate those good deeds that make someone else’s life little bit easier, making their day brighter, making their load lighter – even the smallest things for humanity, like holding the door open for someone, or smiling at someone on the street, or bringing meal to work for colleagues.

People around the world were encouraged to take a moment and pay it forward, however big or small their act may be. The internet goes gaga with beautiful stories and ideas of kindness that people share on Twitter.

The great thing about spreading kindness is that it doesn’t only benefit the recipient. It can also have unexpected effects for the giver. And here in India, we have a Saint who has redefined the meaning of philanthropy with his deep-dyed gumption to transform the society.

Unlike other religious Gurus and Saints and Spiritual Masters, this Guru is not asking his followers to follow a certain religion, he is not asking them to fight on the ideological differences, he is not dividing them on the grounds of beliefs, but he is uniting them under one banner, Humanity.

How A True Saint in India is Cherishing Humanity With His Magnanimous Endeavours

Who is True Saint: I wouldn’t go in the deep roots of spiritualism and ethereal definitions of a Saint or Guru or all that rhetorical discourse, rather here I emphasize on finding a True Master who can enlighten the way of living in this materialistic world.

Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, the present master of a socio-spiritual organization Dera Sacha Sauda, has ushered an ocean of magnanimity with his unique style of God’s realization. He doesn’t ask for any fee from those millions who come to learn meditation from him, but he asks them to serve the Humanity.

Followers inspired by his words, celebrate every day rendering selfless deeds towards underprivileged sections of the world. Providing free education to poor children, treatment of destitute patients, building shelters for helpless and disabled people, managing food banks and cloth banks are a few from the list of 133 Humanitarian Programmes being run by Dera Sacha Sauda in the guidance of Saint Dr MSG Insan. Rather than wasting their hard-earned money on pompous shows, these devotees celebrate the festivals spending it on charitable deeds.

I don’t intend to offend anyone for his religious beliefs, but honestly speaking I have never seen God/Allah/Ram helping anyone but history has witnessed brutal massacres of millions in the name of God!

Ok, I believe that there is something or someone Supreme that is driving this universe, but Gods from the heavens will not descend on the earth to help the needy, only a human can help the unfortunate, deprived and underprivileged fellow being. We have to understand that humanity is above all the religions and beliefs.

In the times of hatred, intolerance and violence Saint Ram Rahim and his ideology invokes the compassion, empathy and the values of ‘Vasudhaiv-Kutumbkam’. When everyone is consumed in their vested interests, he takes us to a parallel world of selflessness where Humanity is supreme.

One day to celebrate kindness, is certainly a good idea. But if we perceive this idea from a larger perspective, with a larger goal for the larger good of the planet, it seems one day in not just enough. The idea of changing the world can be daunting. But IF every person did just one thing to make the world a better place today, billions of acts of kindness, social responsibility and generosity would take place, and wouldn’t that alone change the face of this planet?

Who Is Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan – Biography

Saint Dr MSG Insan – Quick Facts
Date Of Birth, Age 15 August 1967 (1967-08-15) (age 50)
Born In Sri Gurusar Modia, Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan, India)
Residence Sirsa, Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
  • Spiritual leader
  • Philanthropist
  • Actor
  • Director
  • Singer
Years active 23 September 1990–present
Organization Dera Sacha Sauda
  • Late Bapu Maghar Singh Ji
  • Mata Nasib Kaur Ji
Official website

Early childhood of Saint Dr MSG Insan: When divinity incarnates, the event is certainly associated with celestial happenings. The day Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan was born on 15th August, 1967, at Sri Gurusarmodia in the household of the village squire, Late Bapu Maghar Singh Ji and Mata Naseeb Kaur Ji.

A Saint, Triveni Das revered by the entire village came to congratulate them. In strict confidence, he shared with Saint MSG Insan’s father, “This child is not ordinary, but an embodiment of Almighty. He shall stay with you for 23 years and then join the power that has sent him.”

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan’s entire childhood is replete with such examples. He surprised the whole village when he started driving a tractor at the age of 7 years. His childhood friends recall that he could perform inexplicable feats of strength like knocking a brick out from the wall by hurling the shotput! Or breaking the net cord while smashing a volleyball!

On another occasion, when an erudite Brahmin asked Saint Triveni Das as to who could change the epoch of evil aka Kaliyuga into the epoch of truth aka Satyuga, Saint Triveni Das promptly pointed towards Saint MSG and said, “This child is going to transform the epoch.”

Innumerable such incidents that clearly pointed to Dr MSG’s divinity took place, while he was in his native village, Sri Gurusar Modia. At a very young age of just seven, he was initiated into meditation by Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.

Saint MSG’s Family and Household: Saint Dr MSG Insan comes a family of landlords, who owned large tracts of land and worldly wealth, yet, steeped in utmost humility. His father, Bapu Maghar Singh Ji was the village squire. In fact, the village itself was established by Saint Ram Rahim’s great grandfather. Yet, when the call came from Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, for him to move to the Ashram, he immediately renounced family ties and reached Sirsa.

Children: Saint MSG Insan’s children were young, the youngest daughter, Amarpreet was an infant. The two elder children, son Jasmeet and daughter Charanpreet were both in primary school at that time. Saint Dr MSG was merely 23 years old. The prospect of leaving ones ageing parents and little children would be impossible for any ordinary mortal, but he had vowed every breath to the commandments of the True Master.

Succession Ceremony: In a formal ceremony on 23rd September, 1990, Param Pita Shah Satnam SinghJi Maharaj bestowed his spiritual wealth to Saint Dr MSG Insan and handed him the true torch of spirituality. For the next year and half, Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, made him preside over the spiritual congregations as his equal and likeness. On the other hand, Saint Dr MSG was a picture of absolute humility and devotion who followed every divine commandment with folded hands.

Hum The, Hum Hain.. Aur Hum Hi Rahenge

In the entire history of spirituality, True Masters have announced their successors as the next spiritual master, Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj made a radical departure by saying, “It was Us (as the first Master), It is Us (as the second), and we shall remain ! (as the third)

Dera Sacha Sauda Turns Into A College Of True Spirituality In Saint Dr MSG Insan’s Reign


After Saint Dr MSG Insan ascended the Holy seat, the Dera Sacha Sauda has grown several folds. The following has now swelled to over 50 million and growing. He has worked tirelessly to spread the divine message and message of Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj and Param Pita Shah Satnam SinghJi Maharaj, throughout the world.

The endeavors of humanitarianism started by Saint Dr MSG Insan have reached a whopping 131 campaigns. All these programs are run simultaneously for the benefit of mankind.

Stellar Talents of Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan

Saint Dr MSG Insan’s creative side, the results of his peerless talents are also making waves, all over the world. Whether it is his music albums, his movies or technical feats, the world is applauding his creative genius.

The spate of world records in humanitarian pursuits, scores of remarkable initiatives and the rapid growth of institutions blessed by Saint Dr MSG Insan has left everyone astounded.


Saint Dr MSG Insan remains committed to earning his bread by dint of hard work. Not an iota of money is sought in the name of God. He excels in every role; a singer, composer, agriculturist, innovator, engineer, designer, littérateur, sportsperson, sports coach, architect, athlete, humanitarian social reformer, physician – the list is endless. Whatever he sets out to do, he shows his unmistakable Mastery.

Allegations and accusations: As the Ashram has grown into a force for social good, through introspection and collective action in everyone’s interest, certain vested interests have reared their ugly heads and fabricated malicious allegations. It is largely the people who seek to divide Indian society in the name of caste or religion plus the ones who profit from the sale of intoxicants and narcotics. But Saint Dr MSG Insan has remained stoic and steadfast in expanding the spiritual and humanitarian programs.

The fact that Saint Dr MSG Insan has concentrated on newer drives for social emancipation with zeal is a living proof of his greatness. The fact that Saint Dr MSG Insan has stuck to his agenda of communicating the truth and seeking betterment of society, despite several attempts upon his life, is an evidence of his Supreme Divinity.

The miracles of his grace, i.e. millions of cases in incurable diseases getting healed with meditation are an irrevocable proof that the True Master is here, upon this planet full of suffering and delusion.

(Source: College Of True Spirituality, Dr Aditya Insaan)

Important News About Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan & Dera Sacha Sauda : 2016-2018 Timeline

Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Donates 40 Lakh For Skin Bank

(Sirsa – 10 April 2016): 

Burns patients and acid-attack victims can now pin their hopes on a skin bank being set up in Sirsa, the first of its kind in Haryana. Saint Ram Rahim, will be using the earnings of ‘MSG 2: The Messenger’ for the establishment of a skin bank. Today, during a spiritual congregation held at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, he handed over the cheque of Rs 40 Lakh to the doctors.

“We are so happy to be a part of such a generous project endeavored by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. After transforming the lives of thousands with the inspirational messages clutched in entertainment, Guruji is using its proceedings also for a noble cause,” says Ajay Dhamija, spokesman to the Hakikat Entertainment Pvt Ltd. In the absence of a skin bank, doctors use the healthy skin of a burns patient, graft it and re-use it in plastic surgery. This leads to delay in recovery.

The skin bank will prove  a boon for patients as there is no blood group matching required in skin grafting and this skin bank will not only serve the cause for acid-attack and burns patients but will also facilitate state-of-the-art treatments for the skin diseases. It is notable that Saint Ram Rahim has donated the earnings of previous movie too for research on Thalassemia and HIV patients.

Hindi Translation: संत राम रहीम ने स्किन बैंक के लिए दिया MSG2 से मिला 40 लाख रुपए मेहनताना

संत गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह इन्सां का हर कार्य मानवता भलाई को समर्पित रहता है। संत गुरमीत राम रहीम सिंह इन्सां ने वर्ष 2016 की सुपरहिट मूवी MSG2-The Messenger से मिले मेहनताने को स्कीन बैंक के निर्माण के लिए डोनेट कर दिया है। गुरुजी ने डेरा सच्चा सौदा, सिरसा में आयोजित एक कार्यक्रम के दौरान MSG 2 से मेहनताने के रूप में मिले 40 लाख रुपए के चैक को विशेषज्ञ चिकित्सकों की टीम को प्रदान किया। वर्णनीय है कि इससे पूर्व एमएसजी द मैसेंजर फिल्म से मिले 40 लाख रुपए के मेहनताने को भी पूज्य गुरु जी ने थैलीसिमिया और एड्स पर रिसर्च के लिए प्रदान किए थे।

Baba Ram Rahim’s Movie MSG-2 Smashes The Record Of Baahubali

(Mumbai, 24 March 2016): MSG 2 -The Messenger, breaking many records made by previous Bollywood blockbusters, has been called one of the most successful Indian film with social message ever made. MSG 2-The Messenger has been welcomed by all age groups and ethnicity worldwide. Indeed, MSG-2 has generated such a craze in the fans, that everything that belongs to this movie has made some unique records. Guinness World Record has added two new feathers in the cap of MSG2 for its exceptional records in poster-making.

On 22nd August, a large mosaic of greeting cards, was made by MSG fans. The fans created a 56X76 ft (4256 sq ft) gigantic greeting card mosaic in tricolor, with 19,412 greeting cards. The record of the world’s largest greeting-card mosaic was earlier held by the School of Muscat Ministry of Education, for making a 2,146.32 sq ft mosaic on May 13.

Likewise, MSG-2 has bagged the record of largest movie poster, breaking the record of Bollywood epic Baahubali. On 9th September, the MSG fans created a mammoth movie poster that covered an area of 64,258.47 sq ft. Earlier the record for world’s largest movie poster was held by Baahubali fans for making a poster of 51,598.3 sq ft.

Its is notable that Dera Sacha Sauda holds 53 worlds againts its name,of which 17 are registered in Guinness Book, 27 in Asia Book, 7 in India Book and 2 are registered in Limca Book of Record.

Why Saint Dr MSG Insan Was Trending On Twitter

(Sirsa, 31 January 2016) Most of the time, the Twitter is a great place for spreading information. Other times, it can be a gateway for voicing the unusual, little truths that matter. Thanks to Baba Ram Rahim, we have seen many MSG trends in the past year, spreading awareness on cleanliness, drug-abuse, tree plantation and what not. But the trend #DrMSG was being run by  his followers, something strange for the rest for the rest of the world. Here, we try to decipher the reason behind this unusual thing that rounded among the top 5 twitter trends! The fandom of Saint Dr MSG Insan is so huge that it takes social media by storm everyday. This fandom got him christened as The Most Loved Indian in an e-poll run by a online polling agency myvotetoday.

Hindu Mahasabha Awards Saint Ram Rahim With ‘Hindu Ratan’

(Sirsa – 26 January 2016) Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has awarded Saint Ram Rahim with Hindu Ratan award for his extra ordinary efforts to reform the society. Chander Parkash Kaushik, National President Of Hindu Mahasabha promised his support to each and every initiative taken by Dera Sacha Sauda for betterment of society.

He said, sensing the need of hour, Guruji has landed with a unique concept of reformation that can connect the youth of nation with righteousness. Hindu Mahasabha salutes him for this resolute action and urges him to make more movies that can inspire the youth and save them from scourge of drugs.

Saint MSG Insan Honored with a Doctorate Degree by UK Based University

(Sirsa, 25 January 2016) The pious occasion of Guru Shah Satnam Singh Ji’s incarnation day celebration brought a bouquet of happiness for the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda. Recognizing the humanitarian endeavors ushered by Saint Ram Rahim, World Record Universty of London has awarded him with a degree of doctorate. Jai Krishan Sharma, vice chancellor of WR Universty of London in India honored him with the degree and medal. The UK-based university has awarded Saint Dr MSG Insan with an honorary doctorate degree. Wondering for what? World Record University  of London has awarded him this degree for the extraordinary world record made by him. The Rockstar Baba wore a convocation gown and a cap, and the Pro-chancellor of the university came to his Dera to honor him with this doctorate degree, during the commemoration ceremony of Dera’s previous Guru.

“Saint Dr MSG Insan has 53 world records in various categories, out of which 17 are Guinness records, 27 are Asia Book records, 7 India Book records and 2 are Limca records. Basically, Babaji’s personality is an all-round one, which we considered. In the five years of India operations, the university has awarded around 100 Indians so far,” says Rachna Sharma, the head of the university’s Indian office.

If you look at the long list of world records made by Baba, you can find some of them crazy like most people in a selfie, largest poster for film promotion and most people saluting together. But then, you can also find some awe-inspiring magnanimous endeavors like organizing largest blood donation camp, largest eye camp and largest tree-plantation drive, for what the whole planet should acknowledge him. Ok, Saint Dr MSG Insan, we also salute you!



Things You Need To Know Before Applying For Education Loan For Higher Studies




Approximately, Rs. 1 crore is what my friend spent over two years to get her daughter educated in the renowned London Business School. This information could very well be resonating your bit of story too. Everyone wants to be in one of the top educational institutes for their higher studies, the cost of education is, however, increasing rapidly. In fact, the cost of higher studies at reputed institutions is already quite high. In such condition, the education loan comes as a savior for those who aspire to study in esteemed institutes but do not have a strong financial background.

As an ambitious student, you may be ready to take on any challenge to get admission into your dream college – for you are sure it will be the ticket to your dream career. And, your parents too may not be wanting to leave any stone unturned to fulfil your dream. But, more often than not, financial crunch poses a major hurdle.

Increasing admission and tuition fees, accommodation, travel, and living expenses do require a handsome amount of fund. In such a scenario, education loans come as a respite, but, it is wise to consider multiple factors before applying for.

What to Consider When Applying For an Education Loan

The sphere of education loan is so dodgy and has many questions in the air like criteria, interest rates, how to apply and repayment. Here in this article we have discussed few basic things that you need to check before applying for a study loan.

education loan eligibility criteria, education loan interest rate sbi tata, education loan study abroad, education loan london business school

Is Education Load Expensive and difficult to avail: Increased number of defaulters in the past years have led banks to increase the interest rate to 12-14% from the previous 9-11%. In addition, if you apply for a loan above Rs. 4-lakh, you will have to provide either a guarantor or security as collateral or both.

So, apply for an education loan with parents as co-applicants to maximize your chances of getting a loan. But, ensure that they have maintained a high credit score, failing which your loan may get rejected. You can also consider opting for a personal loan for education, as personal loans do not require any collateral.

College Placements – Claims vs Reality: Many colleges promise 100% placement with a high salary, but in reality, it could be quite the opposite. Also, there are many courses such as liberal arts and humanities which do not have high placement rate. In such scenarios, it will be difficult for you to repay the education loan.

So, you must work smart by doing a complete background check of the college and course you are applying, talking with alumnus, researching on job prospects, in addition to keeping the window for part-time jobs open.

Single education loan may not be sufficient: Most of the banks offer Rs. 10-lakh for domestic education and Rs. 20-lakh as the maximum loan amount for foreign universities. This amount may not be sufficient to cover the entire cost of your education; moreover, foreign universities also require you to buy an insurance cover, thereby adding to the overall cost.

Thus, make a detailed budget and factor-in aspects like the possibility of getting scholarships and student grants, part-time work options and average salary packages. Here, personal loans could also be a wise option.

Consider the impact of your education loan on future credit needs: As a student, if you avail an education loan, it becomes your first credit. Thus, if you miss timely payment of EMIs on your education loan, it will negatively reflect on your credit history impacting all future loan approvals and interest rates. So, ensure that you do not default in payments.

As an afterthought, you must research well and plan smartly before taking an education loan so that you can repay it without much burden.

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Muslim boy evinces the problems of Muslims in India, and it’s not funny




Why do Muslims have such a high population growth rate? Why do not they favor uniform civil code? What about the rights of Muslim women in India? Why Triple Talaq? Questions are many, that are being fired by ‘Virat’ social media warriors and then these are easily picked by ‘Pseudo’ liberals, not to answer these but to counter-question them. They use the ‘Muslim’ word/world for their own agenda and that revamps the hateful questions from form to another – Why are many Indian Muslims seen as untouchable? Why Government is oppressing Muslims? But amidst all this ruckus of downright nonsensical questions, one thing that is irrefutable about the Muslims in India that they love India and India loves them.

While wandering on Quora, I found a question gleaming on my timeline “What problems are Muslims facing in India?”, considering it another idiotic ‘agenda-driven’ audit, I was about to move on and then I saw this answer by a Muslim boy who revealed his ‘real’ problems in India and it touched my heart.

The ‘Real’ problems of Muslims in India

islamMuch has been said about ‘Secular Fabric’ theories in India, newspapers have inked reams of paper, we have a long list of politicians who are thriving on ‘secularism’ and the intellectual society that is showering hypothetical cynicism in our society; I believe most of them make their ‘invaluable’ opinions sitting in their air-conditioned rooms without going through a grassroots’ survey.

The secularism written on a piece of paper, shouted in TV debates is far aloof from the secularism practiced in reality. Secularism is something new, but ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb‘ is an age-old tradition being followed by Hindus and Muslims with an unwavering  fidelity. Secularist hullabaloo dwells in TV debates and political spheres but ‘the real secularism’ lives in INDIA, in our hearts, in our veins.

There are some who sneer and cough in the times of rising intolerance and agenda-driven hatred, but here are many who know to smile in every milieu.

Yes! Being a Muslim I face many problems in India!

In School: Friends waited for me to snatch my tiff-in box for delicious Biryani and Kababs. I faced problems when all of them visited me at home on EID. I felt bad when I was spared from punishments during Ramzan. It was troublesome to visit each and everyone’s home on Diwali and other festivals.
In college: I again faced problems when my roommate in hostel made arrangements for me to offer Namaz. I got very angry when my college professor gave me enough liberty for attendance just to make sure I am offering my prayers on Fridays.
In office: During Ramzan, I faced problems being a muslim in India because every other individual wanted to offer me Iftar. Surprisingly, they even remembered my Namaz timings. I faced problems when my manager reduced my work load during those days and threw an Iftar party with people of every religion sitting beside me.

Jai Hind!
Mohammad Kashif

Here, Mokarram Iqbal tells how he have been lucky to live in a society that treats everyone equal regardless of their religious beliefs, while putting his experiences forward he opines it is the ‘Education‘ that makes the difference not the religion.

I don’t think I ever faced any problem regarding of my religious links rather I have been blessed and cared for being a follower of Islam in India. May be this is because my upbringing was in very favorable and great society. The major concern as if I can see is the “lack of education in the Muslim masses” that’s why they feel insecure to the majority masses. I lived 18 years of my precious life in a colony where we are only Muslim family and we are hell respected . I have got great friends who are not from my religion. I never got a single call of feeling problematic and insecure inside. In Ramzan when we were at fast, none of our teachers would even make us stand for punishment, this is not because they were afraid that we are Muslims but because they respect us. The major problem is the conventional approach of Indian Muslim society. May be in many parts of India any injustice is done to Islamic population but that doesn’t apply to general masses. Education stature of Indian Muslims must be enhanced and every problem will vanish. “I always feel safe and happy in India because I know I am living in the security of 100 million of Indian who follow Hinduism , Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity.”

Mokarram Iqbal

And while everyone was putting their sentiments forward, here comes a #BrutallyHonest answer from Abdullah Al Faruque who evinces – Yes, Muslims in India are facing many problems that might or might not be associated with other religions. There are all kinds of problems Muslims face in India. Some of these “problems” may be across religions and culture while some may be community specific. But they are there. Muslims do not face any problem in India which is a lie. A big lie! The first step towards solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem. Denial does not help.

High population growth rate: There are many reasons for this. Lack of family planning, overall economic backwardness, unwillingness to use contraception (due to the perceived “evil” nature of contraceptives and accepting high birth rates as gift from God), lack of awareness and ignorance among Muslim women, marriage at young age (especially females) etc. are among the major reasons. And this has hampered the Muslims more than any other community. The Muslim community must look within and not be intimidated/antagonized by such elements and lose track of the problem. There has been a good decline in the fertility rate of Muslims in India and the trend must continue. The xenophobia among some non-Muslims related to this is absurd though! Analyzing the whole problem will nullify any misplaced notion on this issue which is generally fueled by propaganda.
Gender inequality:  Although this is a problem which is present across religions and cultures in India, Indian Muslims have the worst record for this. The reasons are high percentage of Muslims in agrarian and “physical labour focused” sectors, over-dependence on clergy in personal matters like marriage and divorce, marrying off girls at a young age, discouraging higher education among women (due to the age old “Indian” fear of not being able to find a groom) etc. It is absolutely incumbent for Muslim women to lead from the front in this regard. The victims have to make the loudest noise. And I am glad to say that it has already started in India. It won’t be eradicated completely in even the next 5–10 years but such change is seldom achieved in a haste.
Religious conservatism and intolerance: There…. I said it! I would like Indian Muslims to look at this issue rationally. I’m not going to quote verses here but will try to discuss this issue with nothing but logic. The main claim that fuels Islamic conservatism is that Islam is for eternity and it is perfect. OK! Let’s try and make sense of this. If the religion is for eternity, then it has to re-align itself with changing times to be conducive for progress. Change and progress are realities which only fools will deny. The modern world is radically different from what it was in the 7th century. We now know many things about the world which have never been mentioned explicitly in any of the religious texts.

“There are many other problems that Indian Muslims face but, in my opinion, these are the major ones. Most of the unmentioned problems here (poverty, illiteracy, political exploitation etc.) are common (both in size and scale) across the board which just proves my point of how Indian Muslims have integrated with the Indian culture now. Also, I think I must add that this answer might come across as pessimistic and rude to many but the question was about “problems that Indian Muslims face” and not how I party with my non-Muslim friends which of course I do and enjoy a lot,” further he says concluding his most rational reply in the thread.

When we talk about intolerance, paid-rioters, agenda-driven politics and TRP-thirsy media, we often ignore the fact that not all the fingers are same. Beliefs do not make anyone good or bad, every religion, be it Hinduism or Islam, has it’s own set of fanatic theories and blood-thirsty clerics, call them parasites who thrive on other’s blood and money. A rational approach is the need of hour, rules and verses were written in other times, if they are relevant in present times, follow them, if not – flout them.


Muslims in India , Funny problems with Islam, muslims opression in indian army, hindu muslim harmony, hindu girl muslim boy love jihad

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‘MSG Online Gurukul’ to Unveil The Secrets of The Universe – First Look Out




Confused about the evolution of the universe? Confused about the ‘missing links’ in the Darwin’s Theory of evolution? We always wondered about the cultural legacy portrayed in epics like Ramayana and Mahabharta and now we are waiting for MSG Online Gurukul that will enliven all these marvels. In a whopping gathering of 7 million fans at the grand birthday celebrations of Saint Dr MSG Insan, the first look motion poster of MSG Online Gurukul was released. The motion poster of Online Gurukul features the Rockstar Baba donning a warrior’s looks. The teaser and the trailer are also said to be in the pipelines.

Saint Ram Rahim’s upcoming movie MSG Online Gurukul will unfold the mysteries related to evolution and will portray the rich heritage of India. Online Gurukul is currently in post-production phase and might be releasing by the end of year.

online gurukul hd poster, msg online gurukul HD teaser, online gurukul motion poster download, baba ram rahim movie online gurukul, msg online guruku trailerl download


A commercial movie is supposed to entertain its viewers with hours of entertainment, some singing, an interesting tale and action, the first look of Online Gurukul predicts that the movie will be having all of them.

Made under the banner of Hakikat Entertainment, MSG Online Gurukul has been directed by the father-daughter duo of Baba Ram Rahim and Honeypreet Insan just like their previous movies.

Some interesting facts about MSG Online Gurukul

  • Saint Ram Rahim’s daughter Honeypreet Insan is also playing a major role in the movie. During the shooting of Online Gurukul, she performed her stunts so fiercely that renowned fight master Abbas Ali nicknamed her ‘Guru Ji Ki Sherni’
  • Online Gurukul will be having Hollywood styled VFX and CGI. The shooting of the movie was completed in 2016, since then it is in post-production phase, meanwhile Baba Ram Rahim released two movies Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab and Jattu Engineer. It’s been more than a year, a huge team of VFX artists and graphic designers has been deployed in the making of Online Gurukul, and still it would take 2 or 3 months to complete it; one can imagine the scale of animations and the fantasized world of Online Gurukul.
  • Some details from Mahabharata and Ramayana era will also be portrayed in Online Gurukul. Saint MSG Insan will be donning 7 different roles in the movie. He will also be showing his 8-pack abs.

‘MSG Online Gurukul’ to Unveil The Secrets of The Universe

Saint Ram Rahim is all set to unfold the mysteries embraced by the universe. While Hollywood makes science fictions, Saint Ram Rahim will uncover the reality of Vedic Superscience in his next film MSG Online Gurukul. Insiders say that MSG Online Gurukul will also have some tweaks focused on training youth to stand against global terrorism instilling values of ‘Vasudhaiv-Kutumbkam’.

The name MSG Online Gurukul itself says a lot! With this movie Saint Ram Rahim is all set to foster the age-old values proposed by our ancestors mixing it with modern technology. Being a true torchbearer of wisdom, he is determined to save and cherish our culture.

This theme of film will project Indian Mythology as a big science to the outer world. Whatever science states today is stated long back in our ancient scriptures. The science is following the same. Our bright culture and mythologies and religious books are the best in the world.

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Hence the film is a fabulous step to project India as a Guru for the world. And for this Saint Ram Rahim is putting untiring efforts. Saint Ram Rahim will be seen playing more than 7 different roles and flaunting his 8-pack abs in the movie.

Spoiler Alert: As stated, MSG Online Gurukul will be based on India’s heritage and cultural legacy, Saint Ram Rahim will be seen promoting ancient rural sports of India in the movie. Recently in a congregation organized at Dera Sacha Sauda, Saint Ram Rahim disclosed that he will be seen playing Rumal Chhu in his upcoming movie.

To promote the rural games of India, Saint Ram Rahim has taken this legacy to international level with Tiranga Rumal Chhu League (TRL). Sorry guys, no spoilers.. Saint Ram Rahim himself had disclosed this in the presence of thousands.

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